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What Is Feng Shui Space Clearing?

What Is Feng Shui Space Clearing?

Interested in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a collection of Chinese practices meant to harmonize spaces with the natural world. This is important because a harmonic space ensures the smooth flow of universal energies, thus ensuring health and happiness for their occupants while fending off fouler influences. With that said, cleaning is a huge part of Feng Shui, meaning that interested individuals might want to look into the use of lime to remove negative energy as well as other helpful cleaning tips.

What are some cleaning tips for Feng Shui?

Here are some examples:

Clean on a regular basis

First and foremost, interested individuals should create a cleaning routine for themselves. By doing so, they can clean a little bit at a time rather than clean up all at once, which tends to be so laborious and time-consuming that it increases the chances of people procrastinating. Cleanliness is critical for Feng Shui, meaning that regular cleaning is a must.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The unobstructed flow of universal energies is huge in Feng Shui, so it should come as no surprise to learn that having a lot of clutter is not recommended. Instead, interested individuals should be ruthless when it comes to unnecessary possessions, meaning that they should give serious thought to either selling, donating, or trashing anything that hasn’t been used in a year’s time or longer.

Consider tools and supplies for purification

There are some people who like to use various tools and supplies for purification purposes, which is meant to reflect the physical cleaning of the relevant spaces. Sometimes, these tools and supplies can be very simple, as shown by the use of lime as well as various kinds of salt. Other times, well, suffice to say that people interested in something more stand-out might want to look into our selection of exotic incense, Feng Shui protection symbols, and more besides to pick out the things that they think best-suits their particular needs and circumstances.

Set your intentions

The final step to improve the flow of universal energies your home is to set an intention. Think of this as cleansing your mind and preparing to welcome positive energy Chi.

If you have never done this before, its easy, and anyone and everyone can do it. Find a comfy spot in the center of your clean and tidy home and meditate, ground yourself. Think about your life goals, short and long term. What do you want your future to look like? Whatever it is that you want, let it be known to the universe.

Leave space in your heart and your home to accept the gifts and guidance from a greater power that is to come, and let your home be the haven that will nourish those seeds into reality.


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