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True Friendship: A Fox And A Dog

If you recall few months ago, there was a cute fox – Juniper, who confused a bed with a snow? The fox doesn’t stop surprising us, and now it turns out that she a has a new bestie – a dog named Moose, who has been also rescued in young age.


As soon as the fox was brought into the house, Moose – an Australian Shepherd mix became a personal guardian! They have been doing every single thing together since: eating, sleeping and now it looks like Jupiter has a crush on Moose, cause she behaves so cute around him!

According to the owner, Jessica, foxes have a special things they do: they sit on everything they want to owe with their butt, and guess what? Moose get sat every single day, that’s why Jessica believes Juniper is really in love.

But Jessica gives a warning to everybody who is thinking of keeping a fox in the house, claiming that foxes smell big time and there is no way to de-scent them. Plus they gonna destroy your house, they like to break stuff around and there is nothing you could do about it. So think twice before you make such a decision.

Though these pictures don’t show anything like that. If you have a look at these two you will have not even a hint of a doubt that they are a perfect couple, just look at the smile of Juniper! Adorable!



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