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This College Dorm Room Is Absolutely Fabulous

Usually college freshmen get a rather dull room with a carpet, unwashed clothes, few empty packets and for sure some classy old style posters hanging lonely on the walls. And like every freshmen, Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman knew exactly that moving in together to the dorm room at the University of Mississippi they will have to add some extra touch to their new home.

But girls were quite surprised when their room got so popular, as basically everybody is decorating their new place, right? The girls have met on net in Facebook and already started to make plans for the future decoration in December. What came out in result is absolutely unbelievable: the usual dorm room turned into the a luxury hotel suite.

You might think that the cost of such renovation is tremendous, but Gooodson claims it didn’t cost so much, it was just imagination and a skill of bargain shopping. For example, the dresser Abby found in the antique shop, while the curtains was a gift from mom and lamps girls found at Hobby Lobby. But the favorite part of the whole room is the llama and ostrich paintings above the beds.

Thanks to social nets their creativity became really viral and sometimes too overwhelming, but it is nice to see people appreciating the hard work and creativity though. This is how a combination of creativity and Internet can result in popularity.


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