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These Triplets Are Going To Make A History: All Of Them Will Run In Rio Olympics Marathon!

Olympics is getting more and more interesting and weird. These young girls triplets have their own goal this summer – to run together until the finish during the Rio 2016 Olympic marathon! It is a fantastic goal indeed, and hopefully they are going to achieve it with a smile on their faces. AhIcwSg

Three sisters: Leila, Lina and Lily are originally from Estonian university town of Tartu. They are truly triplets and reached the perfect age of being 30. These sisters will make a history by taking the 26.2 mile race, as they are going to be the first triplets to compete actually against each other in the 120 year history of the Olympic Games Unbelievable, right?

The best thing about it also is that girls don’t put their hopes too high and when they were asked about finishing the first ones on the line, they said it would be a miracle, and of course they would be more than happy to get the medal, but they are also realistic and admit that it will be very hard to compete against the Kenyan runners for example. The fastest one so far is Leila, her best record was 2:37.12 in Shanghai in 2013.

But the family, this is what matters for the sisters and this is what is going to drive them on the marathon!

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