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The Main Tourist Attraction Of New York: The Golden Retriever Louboutina

The latest attraction of New York has become nothing else but a friendly dog – Louboutina, a golden retriever for her love of hugging strangers. She became extremely popular on social media thanks to all the pictures strangers have done as soon as they spot her on the street. The cutest thing about these pictures is that the dog was wrapping the legs and hands with her paws, as if she was hugging them.



The owner of the dog is Cesar Fernandez-Chavez and he keeps sharing this affectionate pictures on her account in Instagram where she has thousands of followers already. New Yorker has got the dog as a present from his friends five years ago, when he was a puppy and only few months later he started to hug his owner, which became her special feature.


Since 2015, Louboutina started to hug his owner and the strangers as well, which made her the favorite one every time they took a walk. Living in Manhattan, they take a long walk and whenever they start holding hands or hugging, the strangers passing by get their hearts broken.


Now, every time Louboutina sees the stranger she likes she is eager to give him a hug. Her fame already went beyond Manhattan and New York and spread over the other countries already. So now people come and search for the dog to give and receive a hug back.


So if you miss some positive emotions and just need a hug, Louboutina is ready to lean to you and give you a warm hearted hug!




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