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Take A Look Inside The Stunning Homes Of The Kassena People

You may find Kassena people in the kingdom of Dagbon, in the north of Ghana and Burkina Faso. This ethnic group has only 160, 000 people, who speak Kasem language. Nevertheless the community became popular thanks to their gorgeous homes, built from nothing else but local material: earth, wood, cow dung and straw. But don’t expect to see some primitive hunts, not at all. The walls are around a foot thick, keeping the homes cool inside and saving from the outside heat, and also keep the enemies at bay.

But the entrances to the homes are really small, around 2-3 feet in height and are designed so in safety reasons: as small entrance makes it impossible for the enemy to sneak in easily and attack right away and of course it prevents from heat to come in.

Instead of painting the houses, what we are basically used to, the Kassena people decorate their homes with various geometric shapes and designs. All of the images are totally different but also connected to the traditions of past.


source: sobadsogood

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