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Portable Hot Tub Allows You To Relax While Traveling

Have you dreamed of traveling around your country, stopping in beautiful places for a cup of coffee to relax and recharge for the drive, and to have a hot bath at the same time? It sounds almost impossible, as every single hot tub needs electricity for running, right? Plus how can you take the hot tub with you for a ride? Thanks to the Floris Schoonderbeek, and their traveling hot tub – Weltevree Dutchtub – dreams come true. First of all it is portable, second of all it is powered by the wood burning stove.


This beautiful half sphere is only 165 pounds and can hold up to 171 gallons of water, which will be totally enough for four people to enjoy it. In order to keep the water warm, the tub connects to its own heating system though the metal hoses and derives energy from the coil structure which works on wood. When it is the best time to hop in the bath? Once the temperature reaches 100 F.

This tub has actually been on the market for couple of years, but only recently the new colors of the tub appeared, like: orange, grey, olive green and terra red.

So whenever you go for a road trip, you have a perfect companion to make your vacation more enjoyable!



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