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Organic Coffee Could Disappear By 2080

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Coffee-drinkers may not be happy with the latest report of The Climate Institute, it says coffee could become extinct if global warming continues on its current trajectory. Rising temperatures could wipe wild coffee off the face of the planet some time within the next 64 years. Researches suggest that by 2050, the amount of suitable farmland for coffee is expected to have halved, as climate change sees a spread of plant-damaging fungi. 

leaf-rust fungusPhoto: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

Wild coffee is expected to be wiped from the face of the planet by the year 2080.

Coffee-drinkers are also expected to see a difference in your coffee’s quality sooner rather than later – alongside soaring prices for the ever-scarcer beans. Researchers say it could impact the 120 million people worldwide whose livelihoods depend on coffee beans.

“Looking ahead, it is hard to see how consumer prices cannot be anything but badly affected by the projected long-term decline in growing area and other impacts of a more hostile climate,” the report said.

“More and more extreme weather events in major coffee-producing regions seem set to create supply shortages, and hotter conditions will impair flavour and aroma.

“Even instant coffee is likely to be hit hard in a world of 3°C or more.”


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