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New Way To Translate The Foreign Languages: The Pilot System!

How many times have you found yourself in rather ridiculous situation abroad, when you couldn’t explain yourself in foreign language or understand either? And even the small pocket guide and the French lessons you took for two months didn’t help either. You are not the only one who had the same experience. The designer of this new translation device – The Pilot System met a French girl, and his French was obviously not the best one.

The new gadget produced by Waverly Labs consists of two parts which can be easily plugged into your ears. The application that comes along with this device allows you to choose between such languages as French, English, Spanish and Italian. Once the device will appear on the shelves in the market in September, you will be able to understand one of the chosen languages real time in ear – translation.


No more need to type in the translation app or look for a word in the dictionary. This device makes talking and understanding foreign languages extremely easy! The retail price will be $129 – the cost of your ability to speak a new language!
Have a look at this video to see exactly how the device is working…love story:


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