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Mercedes Benz Released Its First Electric Big Truck

The future where the big tucks move quietly along the highways, powered by electricity is already here. While Tesla has been working on this for couple of years already, Mercedes Benz already released this week it’s own version of the project. The Urban eTruck is the world’s first totally electric big rig, which means that it is quite, powerful and weighs 29 tons.


The truck is designed more for the city traveling, as it can only last up to 124 miles . And the fleet of such emissions free electric trucks could really reduce the amount of air pollution that many cities are struggling with right now.

Company is planning to launch the eTrucks in the beginning of the next century, hoping that the battery will advance which will make the truck more cost effective. According to Daimler board member Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, such electric drive systems has been previously seen limited use in trucks.


But luckily now the the costs, the battery are developing rapidly, making the future of such eTrucks closer.
Meanwhile Tesla is promising to reveal their project in 2017, so it is kind of a race now, who is going to be the first one to produce full electric big rig.


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