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How Does It Feel Like To Live In The Most Reputable Countries?

Country has a great influence on people, politics and culture, starting from foreign investments to the wish of people to visit or live in it. And these beliefs sometimes are based not on the facts, but on what we hear, see in the news and other sources.

Recently, the Reputation Institute has completed an investigation on identifying the most well thought countries basing on various factors, like being beautiful, safe for visiting, having welcoming locals. And here are the top five countries which are believed to have the highest reputation:
Sweden. Is number one, even beating Canada. This country has built a reputation of being extremely beautiful and welcoming as well. Residents are very happy about being rather independent country but still remain the friendliest one when it comes to refugees from Europe. Most of the expats live in Stockholm, where all the businesses are located, and English is commonly spoken. Though the prices are rather tough, and many people complain on high costs of alcohol. Swedes prefer to cook at home, and even save on the cars by using a public transport.

Canada. The country has been always known as one of the best places for living, and the safest one. Of course they do have their problems, but not so huge comparing to other countries. Many of the residents live on the border with US which makes it easy to commute back and forward. In spite of Toronto and Vancouver being rather expensive cities, Canada is quite affordable comparing to other countries.

Switzerland. The first place for the natural beauty definitely belongs to Switzerland, but also the long lived tradition of hospitality has its big impact. Tourism is the major industry and 20% of Swiss residents are expats. Even though many of them end up working in Geneva, Basel and Zurich, some prefer to stay in smaller but not less popular places. Switzerland is known for being one of the most expensive countries to live in, but residents do have good benefits on rent control and universal healthcare.

Australia. The remote country is known for safety, security and peace, maybe due to the fact that the country has banned guns few decades ago, which reduces the level of gun violence to minimum. Melbourne is famous for being the most liveable city, thanks to the public transportation which provides commuting around the cities and suburbs. It is very affordable to live, plus excellent health care and government -funded tertiary education.

Norway. The picturesque and scenic country is one of the best countries to live in as well. Breathtaking views, beautiful and friendly people around – it’s all makes a difference. The country is very rich and always invests money in development and saving for future generations. Here people love to spend time in the fresh air, no matter where you live and no matter what season is outside.


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