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Hidden Time Cinema In The Garden Of New Zealand House

One of the residents in New Zealand’s suburbs has been busy with a rather unique hobby for decades. The usual suburb house features the Time Cinema screening classic and nostalgic movies just in the back garden. The favorite ones are the classic British and American comedies from the 1940s, 50 and 60s.

The interior design has been crafted with the help of friend’s donations and finds in local thrift shops. But John Bell, the owner of the cinema not just operates the projector for his visitors, but treats with food and drinks, served by his wife Margaret.


At the moment couple is looking for someone to continue their legacy, as couple loves to bring people together, screen the old classy movies which bring people back to childhood.


Bell grew up in the suburb of Island Bay and learned cinema projection by watching it from the side. He spent tons of time in projection boxes, so he learnt through his tries and errors.

The are is known for the Lord of the Rings movie, therefore all the streets and roads are decorated with wizards, orcs and dragons. The city itself is like a movie, but the Time Cinema is still secret one.


The property along with the cinema looks truly tremendous, especially when you take a walk down the garden path and find yourself in front of the cinema. Couple hopes that the next owners will take a proper care and continue the tradition with a cinema and maybe take it to the next level.

source: theguardian

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