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Have a Look At The Most Bizarre Spain’s Tomato Throwing Festival

Every single year, on the last Wednesday of August, there is a special holiday going on in the town of Bunol in Valencia, Spain – La Tomatina festival. There are around 20, 000 people gathering together to throw around 150 tons of smash, juicy, squashed tomatoes which in the end looks like the scene from a horror movie.

This tradition goes back to 1944 or 1945, but the origin of the festival includes the recollections of locals on a riot where upset citizens used to throw tomatoes at councilmen and a truck turnover that lined the streets with juicy fruit.

It basically doesn’t matter what was the first fight with tomatoes about, the most important is that people liked it so much that keep doing it every single year. It might look spontaneous to you, but you actually need a ticket to get smashed with tomato and it is not cheap – 129$ for a day. The fee includes the pre party of course, a tour guide and admittance into the Umbracle Terrace nightclub for the party after the fight is done. If you don’t want to get dirty but would love to feel the atmosphere, have a look at this gallery:



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