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Faces Of Ecuador

faces of Ecuador

Ecuador is considered the undiscovered jewel of South America. It could be actually regarded as a small version of South America, since the country contains almost all the features of the continent. Ecuador is a country with a diverse flora and fauna, and where culture plays an important part in the identity of this country divided into three regions: Coastal, Andes and Amazon. This small country has 13 indigenous nationalities and as many native languages.

Ecuador is really melting pot of people with different origins. Even with all the natural wonders found in Ecuador, it is the people that make an Ecuadorian experience truly memorable and rewarding. The locals are kind-hearted, generous and proud of the great strides they’ve made in the last decade, they are in fact the nation’s greatest treasure.

The people of Ecuador seem happy that others appreciate the beauty of their country as much as they do.

Every visitor will be fascinated by the rich culture and traditions kept alive by Ecuador people.

faces of EcuadorThis woman is 87 years old

A quarter of the people are part of indigenous groups.  They speak a variety of languages and dress in distinctive clothing depending on their ancestry.

The Ecuadorian culture one of very hard working people. Men and women work hard to provide for their families.

faces of EcuadorLocal market in Otavalo
faces of EcuadorTailor service just right in the middle of the market
faces of EcuadorWoman in traditional outfit

Ecuadorian culture includes a deep religious attitude. Most people are Catholic.  All have high regard for the Bible and enjoy religious discussions.

faces of EcuadorTwo ladies on the street of Cuenca city

The Quechua people as direct descendants of the ancient and highly civilized Incan Empire, are reserved and dignified. Their well-developed society survived the destruction brought by the conquering Spaniards.

faces of EcuadorQuechua people as direct descendants of the ancient and highly civilized Incan Empire, are reserved and dignified

Although close to half live beneath the poverty level, most people you meet are happy and generous.

faces of EcuadorOld lady still with long hair
faces of EcuadorTraditional hat and scarf for indigenous Ecuadorian ladies
faces of EcuadorTwo women in traditional dress
faces of EcuadorLittle Ecuadorian
faces of Ecuador4 year old boy on the street of Otavalo town

Ecuadorians are also very optimistic and have a positive outlook on life.



Photography © Gurcan Sarisoy

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