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Donkey Milk Can Boost Heart Health And Help Children With Milk Allergies

Cleopatra bathed every day in asses’ milk, and Pope Francis said he thrived on it as a baby. Now remarkable results are being reported in people with asthma, eczema and psoriasis who drink it or use soap made from it.

Donkey’s milk is lower in fat than cow’s milk and contains inflammation-reducing fatty acids that boost heart health. Donkey milk is said by experts to be the closest animal milk to the human variety. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation says it has “particular nutritional benefits”, with a protein profile that may make it more suitable for those allergic to cow’s milk. It’s also reported to have many functional properties, but the truth is we don’t have enough research to say much more than that at this point.


A Suisse dairy company called Eurolactis is already marketing the milk in Europe. They sell atomised, freeze-dried and fresh milk – the latter of which is only available in Italy at the moment – as well as cosmetics and soaps which are reportedly good for skin conditions such as eczema.

Dr Massimo Caliendo, nutritional biologist, says: “It is well-known that the protein in cow’s milk can be an allergen for children. If mother’s milk is not available, donkey’s milk comes into its own as an extremely beneficial and important source of food, particularly for cases of multiple food allergies and poor absorption.”

donkey's milk

Donkey’s milk is also a great supplement for sports people. Adults in good health can enjoy donkey’s milk as a hypo-allergenic substitute for cow’s milk. 

source: huffingtonpost


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