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Capsule Hotels Are Becoming a Global Trend

An idea of capsule hotel came from Japan as a solution for cheap accommodation for guests primarily wanting to sleep and nothing else. Though the idea sounds similar to a hostel, the sleeping quarters consists of “capsules” measuring approximately 2m x 1m x 1.25m/6.5ft x 3.3ft x 4ft (that’s not much bigger than a coffin) and stacked next to and on top of one another.

What was once a respite for tipsy Japanese creative businessmen is now a popular accommodation option for travellers all around the world. Capsules are filling a gap in the hospitality industry: with more people traveling more often, these honeycomb hotels tick all the boxes for location, affordability, and style without compromising too much on privacy.

Here are few of the coolest capsule hotels around the world.

Hotel Sleeps, Tokyo


9 Hours, Narita Airport, Kyoto, Japan


Anshin Oyado, Japan



Cabana, Osaka, Japan


CAPSULE by Container, Malaysia


Capsule hotels have naturally also found homes at international airports. U.K. chain Yotel operates locations at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airports as well as Amsterdam-Schiphol and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

YOTELAIR, Heathrow Airport


Bloc Hotel, London Gatwick


CityHub, Amsterdam

13346142_1209520399108945_7717128595592513870_o 13320846_1209520585775593_6605344766174885112_o

Sleepbox, Moscow

8 7-e1471088550269

The Jane Hotel, New York


Pod Hotel, New York



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