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Buddhamania: Why Do Non-Buddhists Use Buddha Statues to Decorate Their Homes?

Buddhamania: Why Do Non-Buddhists Use Buddha Statues to Decorate Their Homes?

The exact theological statues of the Buddha is a complicated matter. However, what is interesting is that he has become a non-sectarian symbol of serenity throughout much of the western world. To an extent, this is because of humanity’s continuing search for meaning. However, it should be mentioned that Buddha meaning has become interpreted in a non-judgemental manner, which is particularly appreciated in these stressful times. As a result, it is no wonder that even non-Buddhists have started incorporating Buddha statues into their home decor as a way to access some of that harmonious impression.

What Are Some Suggestions for Using Buddha Statues to Decorate Homes?

Naturally, there are rules for using Buddha statues in home decor that interested individuals might want to check out.

Some of these rules are the products of long-standing tradition. In contrast, others are born out of pure practicality. Whatever the case, these rules or recommendations can provide interested individuals with some useful guidance for getting the most use out of their depictions of the Buddha.

For starters, it is traditional to put a Buddha statue facing the entrance, thus turning it into a protector of the home from malevolent intent. Furthermore, it is very uncommon to see Buddha statues in either bathrooms, on the bare floor, or underneath hangings because those things are considered to be disrespectful.

There are a lot of people who put serious effort into keeping their Buddha statues in a state of cleanliness, which lightens the heart while preventing foul influences from entering their life. Often-times, people like to put such images in the places where they meditate as well as otherwise de-stress, not least because they contribute to the critical atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

Buddha Statue Meaning

Needless to say that Buddha statue features common physical attributes, poses, and postures that define its purpose and meaning. So when it comes to buying a Buddha statue, it might be beneficial to know a couple things about it’s meaning rather than purchasing a statue based only on its appearance.

Of course, these are far from the only recommendations for using Buddha statues in the home. As such, those who are curious can find out more by seeking out interior designers as well as related experts such as Feng Shui specialists. Meanwhile, the right retailers can provide interested individuals with Buddha necklaces as well as other products bearing different Buddhas and other famous symbols should they desire it.

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