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Beautiful Face Wash That Turns Into Foam Roses

Thanks to the new invention of a Japanese beauty line, washing face gets into totally new level. The company Kanebo Evita has just released a new anti-aging facial cleaner with a special touch – it is dispensed from the bottle in the shape of the beautiful rose and will hold its perfect shape until you destroy it by washing your face.


The perfect rose shape rises from the foam cleanser, which can be removed , but the perfect white rose will remain still until you use it.


Just have a look at the video and you will totally understand the pleasure and fun of this new healthy toy.

The “Beauty Whip” comes in the 150 gr bottle and experts suggest to massage your face around 30-60 seconds before rinsing thoroughly with a warm water. Or you can just play with this face cleanser and use it only for making roses, why not?




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