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A New Live Installation In The Streets Of Austria

What are you first thoughts when you think of Austria? Stunning Alps, bright landscapes and perfect destination for winter skiing..or maybe the powerful and royal architecture of Vienna? For sure Austria is associated with music and arts, and such famous composers as Strauss, Mahler and Liszt, while the world known Mozart was actually born in Salzburg.


It has also played a significant role in Europe’s art movement and Gustav Klimt was one of the most important members of the Vienna session, which was formed by Austrian artists and included sculptors, painters and architects.

The love for arts is running in the blood of this country and will never vanish, and now it has become even stronger than ever.
For example, one of the contemporary artists Willi Dorner’s has recently created an artwork – “Bodies In Urban Spaces”. It is a city performance, where devoted dancers and parkour runners walk around the city and some rural areas around the whole country.

These amusing colorfully dressed people can form some sculpture just in the doorway or stay in the bench. The major goal of this project is to show different city experience.

These temporary sculptures sometimes confront people by using public area spaces and are aimed to show Austria’s cultural sights from a different, unusual angle.

Each of the installation is unique as it is placed in the most popular Austria’s attractions, where you need to discover and explore what is hidden in the country’s locations. This performance reminds a lot the installations in Austria which took place back in 1960-1970.

“Bodies in Urban Spaces” are trying to remind the locals and visitors to explore the country, history and so diverse culture, as you never know what you can encounter just behind the next corner.




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