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8 Bizarre Traditions From Around The World

Every nation, culture, religious community has its own traditions, which might seem totally absurd and ridiculous for us, but absolutely normal for its believers. Each event of the life is accompanied with certain tradition and ceremony: either it is birth or death, marriage or adulthood transitions. Here are the most amazing and unusual traditions from around the world:

La Tomatina

The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival

The biggest tomato festival takes place in Bunol, Spain. The last Wednesday of August, the city turns into a huge fight with tomatoes. According to some stories, this holiday started back in 1945 during a great parade and some adults who wanted to participate as well started to throw tomatoes just in the middle of the town’s square. True or no, but it is still going on.

Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings

During the religious holiday Thaipusam there is tradition to do piercing in various parts of your body in order to show your devotion to Lord Murugan. This holiday is widely spread in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand and Mauritius. The holiday starts to be more dramatic through the years and includes piercing the tongue.

Tooth Filling

One of the important Hindu religious ceremonies includes Tooth Filling, as a transition from being a child to adulthood and should be done before the marriage. People believe that teeth are the symbol of anger, confusion, jealousy and this ceremony helps to relieve their bodies from invisible evil.

Bathroom Ban of Tidong

In the wedding ceremony of Indonesian Tidong community there are really unique traditions. One of them is actually fun. If you think that the weirdest part is that the groom is not allowed to see the bride’s face until he sings her couple of songs, you are wrong. The funniest thing is that the just married couple can’t use the bathroom for three days and night after marriage. And there is even a person who watches them. People believe this tradition brings married couple a huge luck.

Bullet Ant Gloves

This tradition is very painful indeed. If you belong to the Satere-Mawe tribe of Amazon and want to become a man, you will have to pass a certain ritual. When a boy is ready to be a man, he goes to the jungle with his peer and a Medicine man to collect the bullet ants. These insects carry such a name because of the pain they cause – it is often compared to the bullet shot. After collection, the ants are drugged by some medicine and placed into the woven mesh glove. The boy has to put this glove on when the ants wake. But the insects wake up not in the best mood after being drugged. The boys have to handle this pain for 10 minutes to prove they are men.

Burial Ritual Yanomami

The Yanomami tribe takes a special care for the dead people. When a person dies they burn the body first. After they make a plantain soup mixed with a ashes of bones and eat it. They believe that consuming your beloved person’s ash will make his soul stay with you forever, in a peaceful place. The dead body should be disposed as soon as possible, otherwise the soul of the dead will come back and hunt you down.

Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe

The tribe from New Guinea has a strange tradition of cutting their fingers off on the funeral. In case a very close person dies, either a husband or a wife, the member of a tribe will cut of his fingers to show his grief and sorrow, then he will wash his face with the ash of a dead one to show his sorrow.

Baby Throwing in India

On the first week of December the 500 years old tradition is performed: when dozens of kids are thrown from the temple 50ft high and caught in the cloth. This tradition is followed by those who have been finally blessed with a kid after they took a vow at the Sri Saneeswara temple. So if you happen to be in India in the first week of December, don’t get surprised by seeing 200 babies falling from the temple.

source: wonderslist

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