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6 Foods You Should Eat Before A Date

Everybody knows preparing for a first date is a minefield of nerve-wracking decisions. What can you do to calm nerves, flatten your stomach and ensure you’re in the mood?

There is a way to boost your confidence: team of nutritionists reveal what you eat can play a big part. Stop worrying about what to dress or which make up will go better – there is more to consider than just your appearance. It is very important what you eat in the run up to your night out, it can make a huge difference to first date night nerves.

Here are the bets foods to eat before a date to help you look and feel the best way.

1.  Nuts for de-stress

Nuts are an especially good source of zinc—a 1-ounce serving has 11 percent of your RDA. Low levels of zinc have been linked to both anxiety and depression. Since our bodies have no way of storing zinc, it’s important to get some every day.

2. Crunchy veg for fresh breath


Fibrous vegetables, such as celery and cucumbers, boost your mouth’s saliva production, which washes away odor-causing bacteria. In fact, holding a slice of cucumber between your tongue and the roof of your mouth for about 90 seconds helps limit odor. Crunchy vegetables help remove plaque on teeth and gums, which bacteria can feed on, says Gregg Lituchy, a cosmetic dentist in New York City.

3. Green smoothy for perfect glow

The glowing skin smoothie is not only energy boosting and delicious, it has dramatically improved my skin tone.

4. Healthy fats to line your stomach


In order to calm your first date nerves, you may be tempted to turn to one too many glasses of wine to take the edge off, it’s important that you do eat before drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol and additionally reduce the irritation that it causes to the stomach.

5. Legumes
 for beating the bloat and keeping your tummy flat


You are going to want to look a million dollars, and for any girl that will mean taming the bloat and ensure your tummy is as flat as possible. Try to include legumes in meals in the run up to the big day, says Dr Marilyn Glenville, leading nutritionist and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar.She said:” They consist of amylose, which is a resistant starch – so called because it is resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes and it reaches the large intestine essentially intact.”

6. Dark chocolate for good mood


Besides the healthy antioxidants in this treat, which push chocolate to the top of most heart-healthy food lists, it has an undeniable link to mood. A recent study from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine reports that both women and men eat more chocolate as depressive symptoms increase. Of course, we’ve all been there, polishing off an entire package of chocolate after a bad day. But there’s evidence that, in moderation, chocolate does actually make you feel better.

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