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5 Simple Steps To Create A Home Meditation Space

In this chaotic world, your home should be your center of peace. You should take special care to decorate your home so every corner works together to create a relaxing and meditative environment you’ll thrive in. Even though this sounds impossible, with the power of positive thinking and planning, you can have the home of your dreams. Serenity and tranquillity will be constant in your home. Also, you’ll finally have the inner peace you wanted if you just follow these decorating tips.

1. Take a photo

Find the most majestic view you can find in nature and snap a photo of it. Now you can take it home and let it inspire you every time you start meditating. If the views that inspire you most are far away, you can always find a photo online and print it out. The important thing is to have a real connection to the place so that you can let its meditative powers wash over you.

Every time you start feeling stressed, your inspirational view will be a sight for sore eyes that calms you instantly. 

2. Pick up a rock on a big hike

Hiking is an activity you should partake in regularly, as it has the power to crush stress and negative energy to the tiniest particles which can easily be washed away by the wind. When you know you’re going on a big hike, look for a rock you can take home for your meditation space. Pick the rock you’re naturally drawn to, as you want to encourage the strong feelings you have towards nature.

Your new rock should find its place in your meditation space to remind you how strong you are. Just like it, you are unmoving in front of obstacles and you don’t let others hurt you. You are stable and constant, always ready to take life head-on. As well as that, the rock will remind you of your hike and how you managed to conquer the toughest of obstacles on it.

3. Ask a loved one for a candle

To set the mood, you will need some scented candles. The calming scent will travel up your nostrils as you inhale and send off positive impulses in your brain. This will make it easy to sink into that meditative state we all love. To make things more special, don’t just buy scented candles. Ask a loved one to give you one. By doing so, you place the focus on the relationship you have with the person who gave you the candle. It easily becomes a symbol of their love and support to you and not just an item you bought at the store.

This increases your feelings of fondness for the candle and makes it a much more powerful addition to your meditation space. Every time you look at it, you’ll remember who gave it to you and you’ll find it much easier to find your path to your happy place.

4. Add roman blinds

When you’ve had a busy day, the last thing you want to do is go home and be exposed to the curious eyes of your neighbours. For your home to be a true meditation space, you must turn to the teachings of Feng Shui.  So, protect your windows from negative energy. By adding beautiful roman blinds, you’ll contain the serenity you’ve established within your home and feel the energy flow through you.

As well as that, roman blinds can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home. This addition will give it the appearance you’ve always wanted. Windows covered by these modern solutions make the house look cosier and homier. There are absolutely no downsides to adding roman blinds to the premises.

5. Don’t forget your meditation cushion

When meditating, you want to be comfortable at all times. This is why your meditation space should definitely include a big meditation cushion that you like to use and feel comfortable with. This will be the final piece of support you need to feel blessed and loved in your home. The meditation cushion will absorb all of the negative energy you have. It will convert it into thoughts of peace and positivity.

You can match your cushion to the rest of the interior, or make it your statement piece. Whatever you decide, make sure to familiarize yourself with it before you start using it daily. A good relationship between you and the cushion will be necessary for you to feel comfortable meditating on it daily. 


As you can see, the power these items hold is unmatched by anything else. Positive energy will circulate around your home and turn in into your sanctuary. You’ll finally have a place to go to and forget all daily troubles and inconveniences. Let the power of your new meditative space cleanse your soul and bring it the tranquillity it’s been craving.

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