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14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

At the beginning of every relationship there seems to be no end to the number of interesting conversation topics the couple can share.

But there may come a point in your relationship when it seems there is very little left to discover and then what? It means you must  make an extra effort to engage in deep conversations with your partner. To be honest, some days it is hard to find the energy to go above and beyond or give that extra amount of effort when it comes to romantic relationships.

Recent research has confirmed what many have always suspected – that male and female brains are “wired differently”. That fact manifests itself in a myriad different ways; essentially men are better for some tasks and women better for others.

And that is reflected when it comes to the subject of interesting conversation topics.

Subjects that are of interest to men are boring to women, and vice-versa – so what to do?

Here are some topics that should work for most couples:

1. The early days

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

Discuss the early days of your relationship and rediscover what drew you to each other. Which one of you made the first move? Who said “yes”- and why?

2. Hobbies

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

No matter how long you have known each other, common hobbies always provide much to talk about. If it’s a new relationship, discuss hobbies that your partner loved as a child. If you’ve been together for a few years, explore the possibility of doing something new. Following mutual interests helps couples to become closer, while having fun.

3. Vacations

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

Always a great source for conversation. You can reflect on past vacations – maybe before you knew each other – or perhaps some that you shared. And planning for future vacations provides an almost endless topic; the world is a very big place!

Anyway, conversation is important as it offers valuable pointers on what your partner likes doing best on holidays.

4. “How was your day, dear?”

An essential – and too often overlooked – conversation starter. Maybe your partner will be too tired to say much, but the very fact that there is somebody to ask the question speaks volumes about your love and support.

5. The Future

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

Discussions on the future make for some very interesting conversations. However, be careful if you know there are sensitive issues like kids or finances. Keep these conversations on the level of asking your partner to name five new things he/she would like to learn before turning forty/fifty/sixty and so on.

6. Food

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

Provided that you have common tastes, or even if you differ, you are unlikely to ever run out of delicious things to say about food. You can discuss recipes, restaurants you have been to – or would like to visit – or exotic dishes. This is potentially yet another topic without limits.

7. Photo-Albums

Unfortunately, in this age of instant digital images, the pleasure of poring over old fading photos is being lost. But if you do have some old albums they can be a great source of information and interest.

8. Yucky Stories

It’s always fun to talk about the yuckiest thing you ever had to do. It can be anything from what happened in high school chemistry class to the first time they you got completely drunk with friends.

9. Family

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

All families are interesting and provide endless topics for conversation. But be careful to take into account what you know about your partner’s early life. If, for example, you now that the childhood years were unhappy, maybe better to steer clear. On the other hand, perhaps your partner would welcome the opportunity to bring everything into the open. You will have to decide.

10. Erotic Fantasy

Hopefully, your relationship will be on such a level that talking about sex is not taboo. So, spice things up by talking about erotic fantasies or a crazy thoughts. Just take care that you don’t create any stress by expecting the other person to act anything out.

11. Unexpected fun

14 Interesting Conversation Topics For Couples

If you could just drop whatever you are doing and do something that was fun, ask your partner what would it be. This is also an interesting way of knowing what your partner enjoys doing most, especially with you.

12. Life goals and values

These change over time and something which your partner considered important may not be so any more. So ask, for example, if there was one historical event that he/she could change, what it would be. You may be surprised by a different answer from the last time this subject was discussed.

13. Material things

If you are living together, talk about what material things are important to each of you. Planning future purchases, especially expensive ones, might not seem a very romantic topic of conversation between couples, but ignoring it can create problems in a relationship. So face up to these issues while there is still time.

14. Values and ideals

Usually, having shared values and ideals is the basis for a solid relationship. Which are important to your partner? Which kind of causes does he/she support – and why.


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