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12 Things In Life You Need To Remember Again

In this hustle-bustle day to day life, you as an individual are completely engrossed in the life enwrapped with gadgets, material pleasures and hastiness! And, then you search for divine happiness!

So, here is a list of 12 things in life which when you will get associated with, will experience the sheer joy and immense pleasure:

1.Signs of the natural world – with the self driven madness and greed you have definitely obliterated the signs of nature.

2.Connectivity to the cosmos– since, you have detached yourself from the nature, so has been there a separation from the cycles of the universe. Individuals and families have obliterated that the consciousness is connected and it fabricates a beautiful picture full of life.

3.Primitive wisdom – there is folklore and ancient stories which are the apt way of living. These are associated with sheer wisdom. Do you even know what these are?

4.Your dreams – You have obliterated that they have the strength to fabricate dreams and at the same time, direct those dreams to materialize.

5.Objective of life – you have forgotten about the true objective of life. The path which leads to happiness has long been obliterated. As of present, it is all about the noise and the distraction. The inner spark which gives rise to happiness and self realization has long been forgotten.

6.Love– Love is the basis of life. It is the fundamental stone for enriching relationships, enduring families and life complemented with happiness. However, as of the present, this most significant sentiment is only at the back of the mind of people.

love-2-1Love is the basis of life.

7.Forgiveness – just think about how many people you have grudges about, or how many are there who you detest to talk to! Was it really their fault? Is it a blunder or a mistake? Well, if you are till date punishing someone for a mistake done years ago or even months, believe it you are the at the biggest loss!

8.Free mind – freedom is not just associated with being a part of a free country. There is required freedom of mind, heart and soul. However, most people are captured in the chains of misconception, material reward, fear and false ideologies. These need to alter.

9.Real power-since, your life is completely shackled in fear it is absolutely normal that you have forgotten your real power. It is the strength of your will, power of your intention and the purity of your willing soul which is necessary.

10.Historical lessons– history has taught many lessons to people and it will continue to do so. However, these lessons are of no use, if you forget about them or not learn anything from the same.

11.Complex is your middle name – life is beautiful. Life is simple. However, with inessential stuff and ideas you clutter it making it almost impossible to live with.

12.Trust is just a word -how many times have you heard people say-“I don’t believe in you”. Indeed, people have completely forgotten about believing and trusting. These continue to be simply words.

trust-1Love is built on trust.

So, go ahead remember these secrets of happy living and gather what you are missing!

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