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10 Ways Your Home Is Killing Your Sex Life

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“The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.”
— Henry Miller

Home may be where your heart is, but not always the right place for satisfying your libido. Sometimes it becomes a workplace or a storehouse for smells, clutter and dirt. Now, time to learn what it takes to bring love home!

You wouldn’t believe but there are many ways your love life can take a dive due to your home life. You just need to take stock and understand the repercussions of the same. Somebody can be negatively affected by what’s under the bed, others by kids shrieking in the other room. What about you?


“It’s the equivalent of bad breath, body odor and being a bad kisser,” says organizing and lifestyle expert Dana Korey, founder of  Away with Clutter. If you are in long term relationship and your bedroom for example is packed with unpaid bills, dirty laundry, your mind will be preoccupied with thoughts on how and when to pay, which clothes to wash first and so on. Making love is going to be the last thing on the list. So, first go through your stuff, toss whatever has to be thrown away and create the atmosphere appealing for „fun” .

Family photos in the bedroom

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The idea of all your family watching you in action from their silver and wooden frames can totally kill the drive. Your bedroom is only about you and your partner. Leave the rest of your family in other rooms.

Too much tech tools

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Bedroom is supposed to be at least one place at home where there is no technology, except simple alarm clock. But no TV, iPads, iPhones and so on, as these are all distractions keeping you away from each other.

Gifts from yesterday lovers

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We all have our past, but keeping objects from past relationship can keep you in a sexual rut. Keep them in the storage if you wish to keep the memory. But don’t forget that it is an ex relationship for a reason, and concentrate on new one.

Grimy bathroom

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Bathroom keeps a lot of our secrets, but such things like hair in the drain or stains on the bath can make shower sex very unappealing. Make sure your bathroom is always neat and tidy, so you can make it dirty together with your partner.

Wrong bed

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King sized bed might be very comfortable but can also put you on a totally different ends from each other. Though if you chose one, make a rule at least one night to sleep in a tight cuddle. Also don’t occupy all the bed with tons of pillows, as they might be an obstacle to intimacy.

Out of the way sex accessories

Any sex drive can be killed by the search of a condom, toys, viagra and so on. Make sure they are accessible just for you, like in a plastic box, stored securely in one place where no kids or relatives can accidentally stumble on it.

Harsh Lightning

It depends on your taste of course, as some couples love doing it in complete darkness. Otherwise create a soft glow to set up a romantic atmosphere.

Under-Bed Storage

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If believe the Febg Shui tenets, the area under your bed should always stay clear or at least consider keeping stuff that relates to sleeping and comfort, like bed linen and some warm clothes.

Let your love life flourish along with your home.

source: womansday

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