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10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Progressing

 ‘Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.’

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

How would you judge the progress of your relationship with significant other? For many couples, the beginning of relationships is the easy part, but progressing relationships to the next stage sometimes takes a little more finesse. However, don’t rush to the conclusions, it is not always obvious if both partners are ready to move further.

According to US-based relationship coach James Bauer, the progress in the early stages of a new relationship is usually invisible. The couple makes tremendous leaps forward without even realising it. “Very often,” Bauer says, “the moments when he really starts to fall for you happen outside of your awareness. And he doesn’t do or say anything that gives away the sudden change in his affections. The changes are real, even if they are invisible to you.”

The mistake women make is that they give up on a potentially great relationship because they don’t realise that they – he and she – are making such progress,” says Bauer.

Best way to measure the progress and depth of a relationship in the following ways:

1.There is a mutual trust

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It is the key element in the relationship, which usually takes time and effort to develop. It is truly good sign when you are confident in each other and have no suspicions or back thoughts about your partner. You are on the right way.

2. You show your true personality

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Every single one of us is putting a different font in the beginning of relationship. We do hide some of our not the best features and try to show only the positive side of what we are. Relationship development reminds the process of peeling the onion. Layer by layer you remove all your fonts until there is nothing left but true self. Transparent. Vulnerable.  No more masks. No deception.

3. You encourage each other other

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Being partners is not always only about love, it is about being a true friend to each other. Being a great listener and motivational coach. Be there in happy moments and know when to cheer up.The best relationship is when you both can act as lovers and best friends at the same time.

4. Ability to make each other laugh

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This ability comes with a mutual understanding and time spent together. Being able to make your partner laugh anytime anywhere is the best quality.

5. It is about us, not myself.

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When you have serious relationship, selfish love slowly turns into mutual one, where is no more I, but we instead. Selflessness is a great indication about the depth of the relationship.

6. Accepting each other’s flaws

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We do know that nobody is perfect and we have our flaws. In a relationship people need to work on learning how to accept each other’s flaws without pointing them out.

7. Paying attention to small details

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It is all about small details that matter. You might not even notice them in the beginning, but as relationship is moving forward they become more obvious. Knowing how she likes to have her coffee, and knowing his favorite football team may sound silly, but it means a lot to both of the partners.

8. Knowing how each other tick

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If relationship has already moved forward, partners should have a good understanding about each other’s love language. It takes a while to see what means more for a woman and a man, but when you start talking the same language, it will be the most precious moment!

9. Leave the past behind

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If there is something unsaid or left behind, your relationship will never move. Whatever happened in the past should stay there.

10. Seeing future together

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This is the most obvious method of seeing if your relationship is moving. Having similar goals and plans. It will probably be fuzzy and unclear in the earlier stages of the relationship, but  the vision of the future should ideally become clearer as the relationship moves along.

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