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10 Shocking Images Revealing How Much Humanity Has Suffered

According to the archaeologists, modern people have been on earth for around 200, 000 years. But during these few decades civilization has suffered from a number of tragedies and miseries, that we modern people can’t even imagine. Now we are aware of the tragedies that take place in different corners of the world thanks to the video technologies. And the following pictures reveal, exactly how hard and terrible times were for the humanity few decades ago:

1. The Spanish Flue Outbreak


1918 flue outbreak took lives from around 100 million of people around the world. Even though you might not see the fear at this image, people were scared but still tried to live their daily normal life.

2. The Atlantic Slave Trade


The image was taken aboard a British vessel – HMS Daphne (11/01/1868). It shows how small kids were just saved from the trade.

3. Crying boy soldier


Hans-Georg Henke, a 16 years old boy is a member of the Hitler Youth. The photo was taken just a day before Germany’s surrender.

4. A Berlin wall rescue


The German soldier in the picture was aware he wasn’t allowed to let the child cross the wall, but he was separated from the parents, so the soldier did let him in.

5. William Saunder’s Photographs


British photographer came to China and caught the image of fake beheading – encouraging the military to takeover China and civilize its population.

6. Starving Mongolian Woman


This image was published back in 1913 in National Geographic magazine. Mongolia has just become independent and the usual punishment for all the criminals was being placed in the box in the public until starvation.

7. The Holodomor


One of the worst events that took place in history. It was recognized as a genocide of millions. The picture shows Kharkiv in 1933, when corpses just lie in the street while the rest of the people keep walking by.

8. The Shanghai Baby


The Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937 eventually meshed with World War II. During one bombing raid, the Japanese bombed a Chinese train station that housed women and children. This baby somehow survived, although injured.

9. A concentration camp mass grave


Before the Bergen-Belsen camp was liberated in 1945, the Nazi managed to kill 50, 000 people, among which was Anne Frank. The image shows “Mass Grave 3” and a doctor who stays amidst the dead ones. He decided to send the prisoners to the gas chamber because they were unfit to work.

10. The Nagasaki Brothers


This image was taken just right after the city was bombed. The smaller kid is unfortunately dead and his brother was taking him to the crematorium, watched him burn but didn’t drop a tear. He lost everything in his life but still was focused on honoring his fallen younger brother.

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10 Shocking Images Revealing How Much Humanity Has Suffered
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