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Zen Buddhism And Its Perspective Of Life

Zen Buddhism And Its Perspective Of Life

In contrast to what most of the people believe, Buddhism is more of a lifestyle as well as practical experience rather than a religion. Almost 2500 years back a person of the noble background named as Siddhartha Gautama (came to be known as Buddha later) was able to achieve “enlightenment” (a condition where there is a harmony between the mind and body and mind) through the method of “Zen meditation”. Zen meditation is one of main ways of achieving self-discipline as well as vigilance which is dine mainly by meditating while sitting on a cushion and trying to experience life at that particular moment.

The concept of Zen Buddhism tries to change every aspect of your normal everyday life. In today’s world all of us are only concerned about increasing their money, power and success. But this constant hunger creates a lot of stress in our lives. This stress leads to lack of sleep, poor food habits, anxiety and depression. There is a constant race which we do with others to reach our goals in life.

Here are some of the easiest Zen Buddhism tricks and practices which can be incorporated in your daily life which might help reducing all the stress life. Choose the ones which fit you the best and try and follow them to get relief from all the stress and anxiety.

Zen, or in simple terms, Buddhist Meditation

– The Zen meditation which is also known as Zazen is the foundation on which Zen Buddhism is built. Practicing it only for a few minutes each and every day can help reducing all your stress and anxiety within a week. It helps to calm the mind so that it can take on new challenges in life in a more peaceful manner.

Mindfulness, better known as meditation in practice

Mindfulness is better known as “Continuous, clear awareness of the present moment.” This only happens when you put all Zen Buddhism skills into practice.  Thich Nhat Hanh explains this as “keeping one’s consciousness alive to the present reality”. Mindfulness is very useful in finding the meaning of true happiness which is never found in most cheap thrills such as alcohol, watching TV, overeating, etc.

The search of happiness within

– Though we constantly seek happiness and peace, we mostly try and find it in all the incorrect places. Human nature is to always try and seek different forms of pleasure. Power, money, success are some of the things we run behind to show people that we are happy but in reality these things don’t necessarily make us happy.

The feeling of compassion

– Compassion is most often described as the foundation of entire concept of Buddhism. Compassion is a tool which helps you not only to link with other humans rather also discovers one’s own self. Buddha also stated once, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”

Practice the mindfulness of consumption

– You must always believe that consumption is the information which you provide as well as gather from others through your different senses. There is lots of information which would give instant happiness for a little happiness momentarily, and we should always stay away from those. These small things will only lead us away from discovering real happiness and inner peace.

Zen Buddhism And Its Perspective Of LifeZen meditation is one of main ways of achieving self-discipline as well as vigilance which is dine mainly by meditating while sitting on a cushion and trying to experience life at that particular moment.

Discover what is essential and what is not

– One a person starts practicing meditation and mindfulness, he will realize through Zen Buddhism that all the material things do not hold much importance in life. Realization will be there that true inner peace and happiness do not come from material things or by impressing all others, rather it grows from within.

Buddha Nature, try to search your own essence

– It is very difficult to completely define the term Buddha nature which is used in Buddhism. In general it is the basic fundamental characteristics of all the living beings. It is the concept of the true self or even the original self.

Meditation is one of the most important tools which connect the mind and body. Thus it is essential to concentrate on gaining mental peace and mindfulness. Through this one can easily discover his true self and find a sense of fulfilment in life.

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