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Woman Learned To Smile Again After Her Face Was Paralysed By Bells Palsy

Beautiful young woman, Anna Robinson, 27 years old had her face left paralyzed by a rather rare condition. But the disease didn’t stop her to learn how to smile again by practicing with daily selfies.

One morning Anna woke up horrified realizing that she can’t move her face anymore. She tried to put her lip balm on but as soon as she tried to rub the lips she struggled and realized that the whole left side of her face was paralyzed. She immediately rushed to the hospital. The first thing that came to her mind was she had a stroke, but it turned out that she had been stuck down by Bell’s palsy, which freezes all the facial muscles.


Unfortunately she couldn’t get the appointment right away, so she consulted her mother and further internet for more information about the possible disease. After four hours waiting in the hospital she was finally diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Doctors didn’t leave too much hope telling that she might never regain the movement in her face again, as there is just one case of recovery per 14 people.

Anna didn’t let herself down with such news and aimed to go back to her old self. She started to make selfies-  using this method to teach herself smiling again. After two months only since the diagnosis she managed to make her first grin!

Miss Robinson said: ‘I think now I’m pretty much on the mend – to the untrained eye I don’t think anyone can tell anymore, although I still tape my eye shut to sleep and get occasional pain.
‘My smile still isn’t quite there, but everyone but me would say I’m back to normal.

‘The thought of big life events, like getting married, without looking like myself terrified me – and I was determined to get back to myself.

‘That’s why I decided to take photos of myself – when you see the same reflection every day it’s hard to see the subtle changes, so I took selfies so I could look back and check on my progress.

‘When I started seeing proper progress, I can’t even put into words how it felt – it was amazing, I was just completely ecstatic and over-the-moon.”



Even though the doctors told her to wait and see if she is going to recover again, Anna didn’t want to waste her time and took everything in her hands. She started to make daily exercises and document the progress with making daily selfies. 10 weeks later she finally got her first smile back.

Doctors are still unaware why she developed this condition, but tend to believe it could be caused by a dormant virus in her nervous system.

source: dailymail

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