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You Will Never Guess The Age Of This Man …

All your guesses will vanish as soon as you find out the true age of Turkish yoga guru – Kazim Gurbuz. Just count – he was born in 1920. But if you look at him maybe you could give him a half of these years. Majority of the population wishes to look so awesome in this age! But this is not everything. When Kazim was just 41, he got into really terrible car accident, which should have left his legs paralyzed. Never happened.


Kazim believes everybody can leave up to 130 if you do things right. And even more, he believes that real life starts when you are 65. So what exactly does he do every day? Kazim greets the sun every morning before heading for a swim. He practices a number of difficult yoga positions, like a knot pose for 48 hours and is able to hold his breath up to four or five minutes. He is still sexually active and can enjoy from three to five orgasms per day, stating that he feels the same like when he was 25-30.

In the age of 41 he broke his back in the severe car accident. He was paralyzed from waist down and doctors stated he won’t be able to walk again. Many of us would be devastated by such news, but Gurbuz was trying to fix the damage by letting his friends crack his vertebral bones back to place. Gurbuz admits that he was on top of his success, he had money, women and God punished him. The man has done 63 different experiments on himself and was reborn again. In only nine months later he was able to walk again. It sounds like a miracle, to what Gurbuz answers – it is nothing like that, it is a brain power which applied correctly can regenerate muscles and nervous system. He was reborn but made a mistake, as now he has a bump in his wast. He could have avoided it by tying a stick to the back when the vertebrae was cracked back into place.

Nevertheless, now Gurbuz is a social media star in Turkey, once his interview appeared in the Daily Hurriyet and you know exactly why.


source: niume


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