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Uncovering Secrets Of The Largest Sphinx in Europe

Uncovering Secrets Of The Largest Sphinx in Europe

There are quite few Sphinx scattered across the globe and the largest one in Europe is located in modern-day Croatia, Zadar.

Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea, at the northwestern part of Ravni Kotari region.

Zadar will surprise you with its old monuments, history and fascinating stories of the somewhat forgotten parts of its past, from the second you arrive until the very moment you are leaving. One of those intriguing legends is the romantic story of Zadar Sphinx.

The legendary monument is surrounded by countless ancient villas that were erected in the Belle Époque period, with incredible architectural designs and breathtaking gardens. One of them, located in the Bay of Maestral, dates back a hundred years hosts the biggest Sphinx in Europe – The Dalmatian Sphinx.

Uncovering Secrets Of The Largest Sphinx in Europe

Villa Attilia was built in 1901 by a local artist, painter and historian Giovanni Smirich (Zadar, 1842-1929), who obviously loved Ancient Egypt and its history. After his wife’s death in 1918, he ordered majestic Sphinx to be built as a memorial to his beloved wife. There are not many Sphinxes in this part of Europe left, and this one is the most famous. For decades it was said that there was a buried treasure located beneath the Sphinx, many have tried searching but without luck.

Uncovering Secrets Of The Largest Sphinx in Europephoto:Žeminea Čotrić

Because of  romantic love story behind this gorgeous monument it is said that it grants love wishes.

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