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The Most Amazing Dads Of Animal KIngdom

Mother is often the first to get a respect when it comes to raising the kids, but we should give father a credit. The best dads in the animal kingdom will go to great lengths when it comes to parenting, whether it’s turning a blind eye while their lady is sleeping around or sacrificing their very lives for their children. As a tribute to hardworking dads, we made a list of some of the animal kingdom’s most dedicated dads.

Sea Horse

Being monogamous this creature is actually the one who gets pregnant, carrying up to 1,000 babies at a time! The mating process begins with a dancing courtship ritual of sorts with the female eventually laying hundreds of eggs inside the male, which he then helps fertilize himself during the process. This papa-to-be also loves to show off his rounded belly, proudly displaying the brood pouch he uses for carrying his young. 

dads-seahorseGail Shumway/Getty Images

The Emperor Penguin

The Antarctic is so cold that if penguin eggs were to touch the icy ground, the chick inside would most likely never hatch. So what does dad do? He holds the eggs on the top of his feet covered by his belly … for two months … without eating!

emperor-penguin-4_3533853kSamuel Blanc/Solent News

The Oreophryne Frog

Cuddle time! Oreophryne frog dads carefully hug their babies to keep them from drying out, and to protect them from insects.

05a825ece4e96ea6ad4497f1d358f6afphoto:George Grall


Jump onboard, kids! These dutiful dads take over the babysitting soon after birth; grooming and licking their infants. Later, the dads will feed them, as well as piggybacking babies all over the place.



Male Jacanas go beyond looking out for their own chicks — they are known to ‘adopt’ and care for chicks that aren’t biologically their own.



Wolf dads bring back food for mother and pups in the den while they get strong. They are fiercely protective fathers and will partner for life with the mother of their cubs.


Golden Jackal

A native of India, the golden jackal is a real stand-up kind of dad. Hunting three times more effectively when working in pairs, these skillful scavengers remain remarkably loyal partners; unlike so many other animals, jackals mate for life. On top of earning gold stars for being the poster dad for monogamy, the golden jackal also knows a thing or two about keeping the grocery bills down — this dad feeds his kids with regurgitated food. 



At first glance it might seem like these South American flightless birds have a rather unusual mating arrangement. A polygamous species, the male runs around with a harem of anywhere between two and 12 females. But before you raise an eyebrow, take note: these dads carry their weight and then some when it comes to child rearing. Females leave their eggs with Dad, running off to get some action from other males. Meanwhile, Dad looks after the kids, not only incubating up to 60 eggs for over two months with just two weeks of food to sustain him, but also raising the newborn chicks as a single parent for nearly two years. 

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