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The Golden Couple Of Britain: One Relationship – 10 Golden Medals

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are the golden British couple for sure. Why would you call them like that? Cause they had five competitions between and they left Rio with five golden medals in their pockets. So all together, Kenny now has six golden Olympic golds from three Games, which is more than Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Bradley Wiggins, while Trott has four, which is more than any other British woman! That’s a true success and something to be really proud of.


Trott’s father says, that this is the difference in their characters that makes it work for them. Jason is shy and quiet until he gets to know you, while Laura is chatty and bubbly, exactly the same girl you see during the interviews. The relationship started in 2012, when Kenny was about to win his second Olympics, and Trott her first and became public when they say just behind David Beckham.


Kenny’s mother saw Laura years ago sprinting over the top of everyone in the elimination race and she performed just amazing. This was the time, when mom said to watch this young lady. But the real time when everybody understood that something is going between them two was when Jason called and said he is bringing Trotty home for a bacon butty. Even though Jason claimed she was just a friend. Trotty felt herself right at home and everybody liked her, cause she is a true girly girl. Mom could talk to her about the clothes and make up, which is a pleasure after having two sons and spending half of the lives discussing remote control cars.

Of course Trott and Kenny are not the first couple to be so bright at Olympics. Before Rio, there were 230 couples who got engaged or married and won together medals. 66 of them were actually golds. Some couple won medals in different sports, the other in the same, like speed-skater Anni Friesinger and her husband from 1988. But so far the couple has the most amount of medals and there is nobody else even close to them. The next Olympics in Tokyo will show more.

When the couple met, Jason was impressed how a young 21 girl was determined to achieve her goals, she wanted to be the most decorated British Olympian of all time. While on one hand she is a true girl, dreaming of Prada shoes and Mulberry bags, when  her peers are partying out somewhere she is training. And it is not easy, as you have a huge pain in your legs and fire in your lungs.

But as they say nothing comes easy. Trott was born premature and when she was a kid suffered a lot from asthma and the first time she sat on the bike was at the age of four. She liked trampolining to her bike and was forced to give it up after passing out in the mid air. That was heroic and maybe that’s why she is so successful now.
Jason on the other hand got his sport genes from mom, as she used to run 100m and 200 m, while his dad is a very self disciplined person, the trait he inherited from him. Jason manages stress and pressure easily.
The couple is planning to get married in September and already turned down an offer to be featured in the magazine. They never wanted to be famous, they just have their goals and trying to pursue their dreams.


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