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Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced Way

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced Way

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

Willie Nelson

The need of positive thinking is seen in the day to day life and this is one efficient way to lead a peaceful life. Thinking positively supports people a lot and there are professionals who follow various techniques and ensure peace and positivity in the life. People face emotional disturbances besides a lot of troubles and in order to overcome it, is a must to rely on the sources that develop positivity. The priests and people who follow religious methods deal with a few issues and healers, as well as other professional therapists, suggest the method of developing positive thinking.

The following examples suggest that the act of positive thinking itself can, and does influence events in the physical world.

The Placebo Effect

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WayA placebo is a substance or treatment with no active therapeutic effect

Belief cures much than a medicine and there are several tests conducted in order to prove this method. The Placebo effect ensures that recovery is possible when people who are under severe medication are given with the dummy pills. Belief makes people earn a lot compared to medicine and the relief a victim earns a good experience. This demonstrates people that the belief owes a huge impact on the release of the hormones and even boosts the immune system.

The Ice Crystal Experiment

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WayWater crystals following positive thoughts (left), and following negative thoughts (right). Photo Credits: Masaru Emoto

In this experiment, water molecules which had positive thoughts ‘projected’ at it were shown to form into ice crystals which are both more complex and more aesthetically pleasing. The experiments consists of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto claims that there are “many differences in the crystalline structure of the water” depending on the type of water source, which were taken from all over the world. For example, a water sample from a “pristine mountain” stream would purportedly show a “geometric” design that is “beautifully” shaped when frozen. On the other hand, “polluted water” sources will supposedly show a “definite distortion” and will be “randomly formed”.

The Rice Experiment

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WayEvidence of positive effect (Image Source)

The experiment using the cooked rice owes a huge impact on the negative thinking and this is mostly preferred by people to understand the condition. Testing on their own is possible and driving away the negative thoughts is easy as one understands the severity of the thoughts.

The Love Study

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WayHealing power of love

The following experiment was designed to determine if our consciousness has the capacity to reach out and connect to someone else in a way that’s health-promoting?”. Dr Schiltz has been conducting the study at the Institute of Neotic Studies in North Carolina, in which loving couples, married over a decade, are tested in the following way:

Schlitz takes one of the couple into an isolated room, where no sound can come in or go out. They settle into a deep armchair as Schlitz attaches electrodes to their right hand which measures blood flow in the thumb and skin conductance activity, both of which are measures of their unconscious nervous system. Schlitz locks the person into the electromagnetically shielded chamber and ushers the partner into another isolated room with a closed-circuit television. She explains that the screen will go on and off. And at random intervals, the images of the other partner will appear on the screen for 10 seconds. During the times when they see them, they are told to think about sending loving, compassionate intention.

The results show changes in the first partners blood pressure and perspiration when they sees the image of their partner, the steady lines suddenly jump and become ragged … More interesting however, is that at the same time there’s a change in the blood volume of the other partner. It is described as a sudden change like that associated with an orienting response. If you suddenly hear somebody whispering in your ear, and there’s nobody around, you have this sense of what? What was that? That’s more or less what they are seeing in the physiology.

After running 36 couples through this test, the researchers found that when one person focused his thoughts on his partner, the partner’s blood flow and perspiration dramatically changed within two seconds. The odds of this happening by chance were 1 in 11,000. Three dozen double blind, randomized studies by such institutions as the University of Washington and the University of Edinburgh have reported similar results.

Faith healing

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WaySt. Patrick healing a sick man while the crowd stand by and marvel at his faith (Image Source)

Faith healing is one way to drive away the negativity and this is believed to be one amazing way to earn positivity. This is one magical healing method where victims gain positivity and people can easily develop positive thoughts. One can get better spirituality and health as this is one surprising way to maintain a better relationship. Victims look for the healers who are the powerful predictors and people step towards the spiritual way.

Lady Luck

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WayBelieving in your luck actually makes you lucky

Believing in your luck actually makes you lucky. Right from the thoughts till the actions make one lucky. Parents even add the name for the new born babies and feel that the kids lead a lucky life. The names with unique sound and traditional are termed to be successful and are soft and hard depending on the sex.

Superstitions and Luck

Power Of Positive Thinking: Improve Your Life In A Balanced WaySuperstition can boost performance through confidence

Believing in good luck and charms is seen in a few people and many develop confidence and feel that there is a great improvement in the abilities. With this belief people feel that they perform in an outstanding manner and rely on the good charms which bring luck.

So, people consider that belief and a few efficient methods ensure positive results and develop positive thinking.

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