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Nursing Home Designed To Look Like Friendly Environment From The 40s

Jean Makesh, CEO of Lantern assisted living facilities in Ohio, USA believes that environment has an enormous effect especially on Alzheimer’s patients. He came up with a great idea how to comfort the residents and minimise their confusion. He designed the interior to look like a street in a friendly neighbourhood from the 1940s. And that was just beginning. Aroma and sound therapy were added top of it and the floor was covered in green grass-like carpet.

Lantern of Madison design

Each room has its own miniature porch, where residents can sit on rocking chairs and chat to their next-door neighbours.

Lantern of Madison design 2

Lantern of Madison design 8

Instead of a boring panel ceiling, residents look up and see a digital sky, which grows dimmer late in the day to help keep their biological clocks in tune.

Lantern of Madison design 3

Throughout the day, nature sounds and fresh aromas like peppermint or citrus are piped in. Some studies have shown that this kind of aromatherapy may indeed have some merits for improving cognitive functioning in Alzheimer’s patients.

Lantern of Madison design 4

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The manager of the retirement place believes these treatments will bring good results, help people to live more independently and  even cure some of them. 

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