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Meet Nike’s Latest Star Athlete: A 86 Year old Nun and Iron man Competitor

The special Nike’s campaign “Unlimited” has already shown the athletes who go far beyond the boundaries, including babies, a transgender decathlete and the USA basketball team. Now the company adds a new athlete to their team which is really unbelievable.

The extraordinary woman of 86 years old, who is actually a nun, carrying a title of Sister Madonna Buder, but who also is rather active for her age completing around 40 Iron man races.
She got her nickname “The Iron Nun” when she was 75 and was the oldest woman ever to take part in the Iron man triathlon. At the age of 82 she set a record of being the oldest Iron man triathlon competitor ever.
Like the previous ads from the company, this one is also very light and inspiring, rather than serious. The comments along the video are cute and leaving you with warm feelings, that there is no limit in life and age is not the boundary. Just have a look at this Iron Nun and believe in yourself.


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