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Husband Surprises Wife With a Heartwarming Show For The Birth Of Daughter

“Life is a game and true love is a trophy.” Rufus Wainwright

Russian Military man Oleg Olennikov from Kyakhta came up with very creative way to say “thank you” to his wife after she has delivered their second daughter.

Oleg’s wife Anna was very surprised when she saw the group of local artists in front of the hospital where she gave birth to their second child, baby girl Varvara. The singers performed some of the greatest Russian hits, and it was only first part of the show. After that beautiful flowers, emotional heartfelt congratulations from the husband and most amazing dance performance were waiting for happy mother.

surprise for beloved wife

performance foe the wife

performance for dear wife

concert for wife surprise

surprise for the wife after giving birth

Most of the hospital staff and patients were very touched watching happy couple who proved that romantic love can last – and more than we often give it credit for.

performance for dear wife

After having two daughters proud father still hopes that he could one day have a son.

newborn babygirl

newborn baby girl 2


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