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Father And Designer Creates Adorable Disney Outfits For His Kids

Most of the kids are begging their parents to go to the Disney Park, while these kids in the picture have been so many times there that princesses recognize the children by name already! The 32 year old father from Florida became famous thanks to the costumes he designs for his kids and a wife for each visit to the theme park. The dresses became so popular that designing Mr. Garcia had to quit his main job.


After  the first successful dress that caught lots of attention, the father got a number of proposals to do the same dresses for their children, the former retail manager chose another career – designing kid’s clothes. Now, Mr Garcia is making Disney inspired clothes for his daughter Lili, sons Leo and Eddy and of course a wife Bethanie. Living only ten minutes from Disneyland, this year the dressed up family has been already 128 times to the park!

The dresses take inspiration from Aristocrats, Princesses, Peter Pan and even Prince Charming and these images are loved by kids!
Currently Mr Garcia is working on the interpretation of Beauty and Beast dress and another challenge involves making a Princess Aurora dress, which goes from pink to blue.

So far the kids are the stars in the park and every time they step in with their incredibly detailed costumes, the official characters admire them.

To design such a pattern is not easy and Mr. Douglas spends 12-14 hours for one dress non stop in order not to break his creativity process.
The new project is growing up and now Little Bright Dress business has around 104, 000 followers on Instagram and designer helps the other kids to pursue their dreams.



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