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Cute Lunch Boxes with Famous Cartoon Characters From Caring Instagram Mum

Hong Kong based food blogger Candace Ku came up with creative idea to turn her children’ lunches into their favourite cartoon characters. Mother-of-two, 37 years old woman is making Pokemon, Stormtroopers, Harry Potter andfamous faces out of rice balls encouraging her elder daughter to make more friends in school.

Using ham and cheese to make famous faces Candace tried to cheer up her child on another lonely school day, without knowing at the time she would gained 35,000 Instagram followers with her incredibly cute bento boxes.



It’s not just Candace’s kids that benefit from her lunchtime creations, though.

Even her Japanese-born husband receives a cartoon rice character occasionally, including Peppa Pig on top of breaded pork.  



Candace made sure her family started the morning in a very cute way with these bear pancakes or  Pokémon character Pikachu out of a fried egg on toast by adding cheese ears and seaweed facial features.



All images © Candace Ku


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