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A Bullied Teenager Is Going To Be A Hollywood Star To Inspire The Other Young Girls

Marika Nagy is a 19 year old girl from Manchester, who spent many years being bullied for looking different. But finally after years of abuse she found enough confidence in herself to live and love her unusual birthmarks. Now she hopes to become a Hollywood star to inspire the confidence in other girls.


Marika was born in Germany, but currently works in UK as an Au pair. Most of her childhood she spent hiding, but no more. She won’t allow anyone to stop her from achieving her goals. Now she treats her birthmarks as special one. It would be rather boring world if everybody looked the same.


Around 60% of girl’s skin is covered with birthmarks, while the largest one is around 30 cm by 45. Because of being constantly bullied at school by both girls and boys, she totally lost her confidence and started to believe that she was actually ugly. Doctors didn’t have answer on why she was born with so many birthmarks , but have removed the major ones to reduce the risk of cancer.


But after many years, when she got in her teens, Marika found a passion for acting, this is what gave her confidence to embrace the birthmarks. She used to love drama school, there you could pretend for few hours to be someone else. So few hours she wasn’t Marika, the birthmark girl. And within time that was who she really is – happy and fun girl.


In order to pursue her acting career dream Marika moved from Germany to Manchester this year. Of course people still look at her in the streets, but it no longer offends her. She is proud to be different.


Marika really hopes that thanks to her unique loo, it will help to show the rest of the girls that beauty lies in individuality. “It’s taken me 19 yeas, but I finally love who I am”.



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