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Awesome Nail Designs Inspired By Olympic Games

Not everybody has enough prominent skills to participate in Olympic Games in Rio, but there are much easier ways to take part in this huge event. Even though it might seem like a small thing, but have a look at these inspirational nail looks from those who really wanted to be there:
Okay,  this nail design actually belongs to the Olympic gold medalist – Allison Schmidt. To achieve such a result, you need to paint every nail with a glitter base and by using thin brush finish the tiny details.


Simple but beautiful design!


The half moons and tips have been in trend recently, so why not to experiment with Olympic colors, right?

Romantic and light, this design starts with a usual French tip manicure. Once it gets dry, apply a clear coat and put those white star decals to the ends or use the thin brush to complete the design.


Probably the easiest design to make by yourself, as all you have to do is to cover the nails with thin coats of white around three times. And just be patient while making those Olympic rings.


Extraordinary tricolor design.


Amazing design, which doesn’t tell anyone which team you are rooting for. To achieve such a design paint the base color first and now the toughest part: once the base is dry tape off the section in the center where you plan to place the two stripes. Paint the first white stripe but stop in the half way up and remove the paint from brush until dry, swipe it by the end to reach such an effect.


This hard nail design belongs to nobody else but future Mrs. Phelps, Nicole Michele Johnson. That huge sparkling stone gives away all the secrets.


Excellent choice for those who love the random graphic designs to match the color of your team.

Lucky those having a simple flag, like Denmark, cause they can create such cute nails like this one.


Or this one?



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