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A Random Passenger Made Uber Driver’s Dream Come True: To See His Son Participating In The Olympics

One of those great stories, when random people whom you see for the first time totally change the course of your life. Pennsylvania Uber Driver, Ellis Hill had the dream of his own: to see his son Darrell represent team USA in the 2016 Olympic Games. Of course he didn’t put his hopes too high, knowing about the costs. But luckily, one passenger – Liz Willock changed the whole story upside down. The trip gave a chance for two to get more acquainted and just have a chat. And once the topic about the son Darrell naturally popped out,  Liz did ask if the dream came true and he is going to watch his son compete, but the answer was negative, as he simply couldn’t afford the tickets to Brazil for the event. Liz was so devastated that couldn’t handle, and she was eager to do something to help the father and cheer his son up.


Liz  working as a sales leader for a global concierge service, knew that she would be able to use her sources and contacts to pull the whole thing through. So she asked the father, if she gets him a ticket, would he go? The driver was totally shocked, as he knows Liz for the last hour drive, but Liz didn’t take no for an answer and already next day organized GoFundMe campaign called “Send Darrell’s Dad to Rio” with a goal of 7,500. The campaign went viral on social media especially among Darrell’s teammates. The goal was reached in two days, can you imagine? There were around 150 contributors, among which Ellis knew maybe only ten, the rest were total strangers.
This is how a stranger can totally change the life. Ellis knew Liz for one hour or so and now thanks to her, he will be in center font in the crowd on August 18th to watch his son taking the field.


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