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90-year-old Chilean Grandmother Puts The Limits Of Old Age To Test

Albert Einstein said : “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” 90-year-old lady from Chilean suburb of Cerrillos definitely tests the limits of her age and rides her bike for hundreds of kilometres every day to sell some goods on local market.

She lives alone in rural area with her hens and cows and tries to sell whatever she can muster from her tiny farm in order to make a living. She is still using old-fashioned bike to get to the nearest town, she believes that is the secret of her health and longevity.

The woman said without her bicycle she would have no life, she called it “my compadre, my friend”. Being so inspirational and helpful to others, Elena Galvez is totally admired by her neighbours who think it is a treasure to have such a woman in town.


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