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The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

“As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or disturb the color & fragrance of the flower; so do the wise move through the world.”-


Zen stories are an epitome of pure enlightenment. The fables originated with the Buddha himself and are the primitive words and deeds of Zen masters.

So, here is an account of 7 such stories which you would love to read time and again:


 The Pointer

The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– A Zen teacher had a dog that would every evening play with him lovingly fetching the stick thrown and continuing the task. One day the teacher invited an immensely bright student, who was confused by the Buddhist doctrine contradictions. The teacher called the dog and said – “Fetch me the moon”. The dog started looking at his finger rather than the moon. This is when the teacher told the student, pointed finger and the thing being pointed at are different. The Buddhist words are guideposts.

Flow like a river

The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

-A master watched a student of his during a practice session in the courtyard. He could feel that due to other students, a particular student was unable to perfect his technique. He took this student on a walk in the woods, where a stream was flowing.  He told the student, just like the stream flows over and around the rocks and moves on, so should you not notice the students around you, simply move on.

No objective world

The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– A Buddhist monk believed and specialized in The Buddhist precepts. When he was walking at night, he stepped on something. The squishing sound it made ensured the monk to imagine that he had stepped on an egg-bearing frog. He was very sad, because it was against the Buddhist doctrines to take life. When he slept he dreamt of hundred of frogs accusing him and demanding his life. However, in the morning he saw that he had stepped on an overripe eggplant. This is when he realized the true meaning of “there is no objective world”.


The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– An aged monk was assigned the role of a chaplain at an academy of girls. He found that in most of the discussion groups the one topic which became central time and again was love. So, he warned the young women, that too much indulgence in anything can be detrimental. He explained then that too much passion in love implied dream images of the beloved which result in false dreams and anger generation. This was when, a young student asked how he would know about love between a man and a woman since he, was a celibate monk. To this he replied, sometimes later, he would definitely tell them why he became a monk.

Buddhism and Christianity

The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– A university student was visiting Gasan asked him, if he had ever read the Christian Bible! Gasan encouraged the student to read it to him. The student opened the Bible and read from St. Matthew. On hearing Gasan said, the one who uttered those words is definitely an enlightened man. Then, the student continued reading. And, the remark of Gasan was, that the individual who has said these excellent words is definitely not far from Buddha hood.

Zen and Sake

The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– The students are required to pursue Zen meditation before their morning service. However, one night a certain Zen teacher celebrated with his students till midnight. They drank sake and whiskey and rose just before dawn next morning. The Zen teacher was way annoyed that the American students had not risen in time for the Zazen. When they give the excuse of drinking by night, the teacher snapped and said that Sake and Zazen have nothing to do with each other.


The 7 Very Best Inspirational Zen Stories

– A young man interrupted a hermit while he was meditating saying he wished to become his disciple. When, the hermit asked the acumen, the man replied that because he wanted to find God. To, this the master jumped, grabbed and plunged his head under water. The young man was kicking and struggling under water. After a minute the hermit pulled him out and asked what he wanted most, when under water. And, the young man answered Air. The hermit then said, in that case go home and only come back when he wants God as much as he wanted air back then.

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