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7 Signs Which Indicate A Shift To The 5th Dimension

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition.

Rod Serling

Higher consciousness is an amazing feeling. And, a shift from 3D consciousness into the 5th Dimension is surreal. But, how would you know that you are entering the 5th Dimension. It is pertinent for you to understand that before reaching the 5th Dimension, you have to go via 4th Dimension.

The 4th dimension

The 4th dimension acts like a purifying filter. It is that region of the heart, which is brimming with love, oneness and lightness.

The 5th dimension

Then, there is the 5th dimension, which is lighter in frequency. It has more pure love, true multi-dimensional reality and cosmic consciousness.

Which are the 7 signs which indicate towards the 5th Dimension?

1. Feeling of joy, love and lightness


– You will start experiencing feelings of inner peace. You will cease to dwell on any negative issue. You will start living a fear-free life. A deeper trust, sensitivity and ability will encompass your life. In this duration, it is best to practice accepting yourself as you are.

2. Release of heavy negative issues

– You will learn how to let go, ward off your negativity, incompetency and poverty consciousness. The old memories that you have clung to all your life, will no longer bother you. You will be able to experience enlightenment.

3. Beautiful world


– You will see the world in a beautiful perspective. And, the colors will have enormous happy vibrations. The divine song of creation, the eternal OM and the music of the spheres will be audible to you.

4. Time becomes illusory

– You will experience a timeless sense of your life. You will no more be governed by any sort of ill feelings or judgment. In fact, a realization will struck you that it is not you, who is the doer, also, that the things are being done via you.

5. Miracle will happen

– You will be surprised to avail the occurrence of amazing synchronicities. The Universe will be guiding and signaling you, almost all the time. You will feel that you are going through a miraculous journey, which never ceases to surprise you. You will start seeing things which are hidden from the eyes of the normal people. You will enjoy the oneness of science and spirituality. Again, it will be feasible to witness the unfurling of certain events.

6. Guided by more than mind or imagination


– You will be in the position to listen to guidelines from other dimensions as well. It may be from the spirit guides, past ancestor, angelic guides and the like. You will always experience a helping hand in whatever you do and wherever you go. You will be able to see the beings with your 3rd.

7. Access your true miracle power

– You will be in the position to explore the hidden power inside you. Passing your hand through a solid surface, bi-locating, being in 2 or 3 places at the same time will be possible by you. You will also be able to jump into any event in your life, whether past or future and experience what you wish for!

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