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10 Most Beautiful Valleys You Would Love To Visit At Least Once

Nubra valley in India

It is not only about remarkable historical monuments, sculptures and famous tourist sightseeing spots. Sometimes we just need to dive into the true nature to get calmed and feel finally refreshed from the hectic cities. Sitting in the fresh green grass surrounded my mountains, hearing the quite noise of the river, smell the scent of the fresh blossomed flowers – sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Maybe next time, while planning your vacation, you can add these beautiful spots to your bucket list:

Barun Valley, Nepal

Aama Bhujung (Pregnant Mother), Barun Valley,

Makalu Barun National Park is not only a home for this beautiful valley but is also well known for huge waterfalls and deep canyons. The picturesque views will leave you breathless along with the fresh aroma of green surroundings.
Kalalau Valley, Hawaii

Besides the most beautiful beach Kalalau which is also located in Hawaii, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the valley. Forget about the car or a bicycle, as this monument of nature can be explored only on foot.
Lotschental, Switzerland

The largest valley in Switzerland is surrounded by snowy mountains and can be explored by visitors as much as they want to, as the territory occupies around 27 kilometers together with 3000 meters tall mountains around. It is one of the most unique views in whole Switzerland and Europe in general.
Harau Valley, Indonesia

Another scenic valley which can be explored on foot will show you is rice fields, rocky mountains and forests. In order to make your stay longer and more comfortable there are plenty of home-stays where you can stop to get new power for further discoveries in Indonesia.
Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada

Moraine Lake and the valley of the Ten

Being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Canada is also rich in nature. The Ten Peaks valley is located in the national park of Canada and has amazing various peaks, plus a Moraine Lake just inside the park.
Simplon Valley, Italy

If you would like to see two countries at the same time, you need to visit this valley shared by both Italy and Switzerland. This marvelous spot is hiding between two ranges: Pennine and Lepontine, which reach around 4000 meters high.
Romsdal valley, Norway

Except magnificent fjords and northern lights, Norway’s can also surprise you with scenic valleys, with its calm rivers, powerful mountains and endless greenery. Truly magical view.
Haa Valley, Bhutan

This valley is hiding from the people’s eyes and is the least known though most beautiful places in the world. The word “Haa” actually means “hidden”, maybe it is better to keep it preserved. But it is a must see place in spring, where everything is in blossom!
Nubra Valley, India

The valley is not so easy to be reached. If you would like to admire its beauty you will have to travel 150 km from the city of Leh, plus get a certain permission even to entry the valley. I wonder what does it hide…
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Switzerland is a like a treasure hunt for beautiful landscapes and views. This valley is totally filled up with numerous waterfalls, rocky cliffs and of course Swiss Alps around. You can enjoy the views by having a car trip and stop in the most remarkable spots!
It is time to get a ticket and book your next destination!


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  • Wow it is a nice article and the images are awesome which ur used in this article. Explore just one or two of these photogenic and most beautiful valleys in India and you will have seen it all! When speaking of nature-based trips, most travelers generally think of gorgeous beach vacays, remarkable hill stations, breathtaking islands, and vast forest areas. Very few will think of venturing into the scenic valleys of India. Even after several trips, not many travelers are aware of the picturesque valleys that dot the diverse topography of India.