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What To Do Before You Sleep and After Waking Up for More Daily Energy

How many times  have you noticed that no matter how well you sleep at night, the next morning you feel totally broken? Or on the contrary, you found yourself waking up every single hour during the night?  Getting a night’s rest and waking up full of energy is probably one of the things we dream about. But actually this goal is easy to achieve by making tiny adjustments in your bedtime daily routines:

Avoid direct light few hours before going to bed.

Light is the one that helps to keep us awake and sends us a message that it is day. It has nothing to do with natural evening sun, as we get more of the blue, bright light from our favorite devices and gadgets instead. If you wish to have a better sleep, consider turning off your phone or laptop before bedtime.


Thanks to the work out, your blood is flowing and the heart rate goes up, which doesn’t basically sound like a good sleeping pill. But, workout makes your body  tired and it needs more time to recover which leads to a good night’s sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, afternoon workout can reduce the amount of time you need at night to deeply fall asleep, while the morning workout is a great help for the snooze. Anyway, you can adjust your schedule of exercises and doing it few hours before the bed would be also perfect.

Clear your head.

You will definitely find it hard to sleep, if your head is full of thoughts and worries. A busy mind is not something that will make you sleep good. One of the best ways to clear up your mind before the bedtime is meditation. Nothing special is required, but you will manage to get  peaceful sleep.

Keep your body temperature cool.

In spite of the fact that many studies say heating up improves your sleep, it is not so right. In reality, you will want to cool down your body temperature instead. According to the Dutch study, people who kept cool didn’t wake up so much and the percentage of the sleep spent in the stages 3 and 4 increased. Nobody tells to sleep in a totally cold room but lowering your thermostat few degrees can keep your body temperature comfortably cool.

Wake up with light.

There is no better wake up call than a natural light. Consider leaving the curtains open so the sun can gradually light up your room.

Start your morning with a glass of water and then breakfast.

It is true that the first meal of the day is highly important, but the first thing you consume should be definitely a glass of water. Your body needs it more than the food.

Find five minutes for exercise.

You don’t need to make a full workout once you wake up. Some people don’t love to exercise early in the morning because they don’t feel up to it, but just a little bit can do the trick. Few pushups is a great way to start. Not only will you benefit from the exercise itself, but you’ll raise your body temperature. This will allow you to take a cooler shower and lower temperatures will also help you wake up further.

source: lifehacker

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