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Scientists Busted The Biggest Sex Myth Ever

Dozens of women’s magazines tend to promote sex as one of the best ways to keep fit and burn calories, but scientists revealed the truth about the biggest sex myth.

According to the results of the studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a man with a weight of 154 lbs will burn only 21 calories during one hour long sex. It is the same as if you would take a moderate pace walk. The majority of us also believe that breast feeding, PE and small changes in the calorie intake can boost the weight loss, but scientists have disapproved these myths as well.

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Here is exactly what the scientists say: “Given that the average bout of sexual activity lasts about six minutes, a man in his early-to-mid-30 s might expend approximately 21 kcal during sexual intercourse. Of course, he would have spent roughly one third that amount of energy just watching television, so the incremental benefit of one bout of sexual activity with respect to energy expended is plausibly on the order of 14 kcal”.

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