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Obese People Are At Lower Risk To Get Dementia With Age

Unfortunately obesity has been connected with a number of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart and liver issues. But according to the latest study, people who suffer from obesity in the middle age are less likely to develop dementia, a condition that includes memory loss and decreased cognitive function in older age. The results of the investigation have been published in The Lancet Diabetes&Endocrinology, which turns down the previous work indicating that obesity on the contrary raised a risk of a person to develop a dementia. Though there is no proven or solid reason to why obese people may stay lucid for longer.

The team of British researchers have been investigating two million of patients of an average age of 55. The data has been collected since 1992, and the scientists correlated patient body mass with diagnosis of dementia. As a result people who were underweight had 35% higher risk to develop dementia than people with normal weight. The ones who were obese, with a body mass over than 40kg/m2 were 29% less likely to be diagnosed with the mentioned disease.
Scientists still can’t explain why obese people are less likely to get sick with dementia, but one of the hypothesis states that obese might absorb more of some vitamins or nutrients that can postpone the condition.

The researchers were pretty surprised at the results, as it overturns the conclusions of previous studies, while the latest one was published in 2008. Though study still reminds people that obesity is not positive for the overall health, and even though it can prevent the dementia, you won’t be able to enjoy your state cause you are at higher risk from other serious diseases.


source: popsci

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