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Natural Healing Tools To Balance Your Energy Level

Rising health care costs have causes people worldwide to seek out alternative health energy healing techniques to help them maintain wellness in their lives. 

Thankfully, there are various healing energy tools, from crystals to essential oils and singing bowls, all are designed to optimize our wellness and heal what ails us.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Mother nature is the best energy healer with a veritable energy healing toolkit.

Gemstones and crystals

As old as the earth itself, energy healing stones, or gemstones and crystals, facilitate healing on different levels, from boosting the immune system, to clearing negative energy that is trapped in the energetic system, to creating a sense of balance and well-being.

Using healing stones in any way will help increase positive energy flow and support for specific health concern, and having them on your body is extremely beneficial. It is a personal choice whether to wear them as crystal jewelry or keep tumble stones on you in a pouch. Out of the hundreds used in this practice, below are a few of the more commonly used energy healing stones and their healing properties:

  • Amethyst: Beneficial for the intestines, calm, and decision-making
  • Agate: Grounding, stability, and increases confidence
  • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, self-awareness, and spiritual enlightenment
  • Turquoise: Bridge between heaven and earth; highest spiritual potential
  • Carnelian: Creativity and vitality
  • Jasper: Joy and release from stress

Massage Wands

Massage wands are made of rounded, smooth crystals which are applied at various pressure points throughout the body. Gemstone massage wands can be used in many different methods of healing: healing the entire body or aura, or they can be applied on a specific area of the body. They can be tools to scan the aura and the chakras to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them.


Made from natural materials including crystal, metal, glass, and wood, pendulums can be beneficial in setting intentions, pondering difficult life choices, and for creating more balance in the energetic field, or chakras. Similar to dowsing, pendulums are used to uncover and heal blocks in energy, as well as to receive guidance, and develop one’s intuition and sense of reflection.

Singing Bowls 

Whether made from copper alloy or crystal, singing bowls create different healing sounds either through by a mallet gently stroked on the inside of the bowl, or with the use of water inside. Used to evoke tones associated with chakra centers and in meditation, recent medical research has also shown the healing power of singing bowls for those suffering from chronic pain, as well as mood disorders, stress, and anxiety.

Essential Oils

Derived from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, and other environmental elements, essential oils are used to balance and clear energies, help relieve stress, improve concentration, and assist in integrated health. 


Often referred to as an energetic, or cosmic antenna, pyramid energy tools are thought to activate the pineal gland, third eye chakra, or the geometric center of the brain which produces the calming hormone called melatonin, which regulates the body’s natural rhythm. It is believed that pyramids can assist with stress reduction, improved sleep, concentration, and an overall higher vibrational energy.


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